Family Law

Our firm understands that separation is an emotional and a difficult process. As such, we take the utmost care to treat every client with compassion during this process.

Our goal is to be successful in all aspects of your case. We discuss the strategies with you and pursue them with utmost competence. We will use our vast experience to derive the most beneficial and successful outcome for you and your children. We will do so while remaining in close contact with you, the client. Not only are we highly skilled in all areas of family law, but we are passionate about serving the best interests of our clients during this difficult time.

We handle cases involving all areas of Family law including:

    • Divorce Simple/uncontested Divorce or Joint Divorce; Recognition of a Foreign Divorce – Opinion Letters
    • Children – Parenting Arrangement for decision making (Custody), primary residence,
      Access, Section 7 Expenses and Support of the Children
    • Support – Spousal
    • Contracts/Agreements – Separation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation
    • Property Division
    • Family Mediation, Collaborative Law & Collaborative Practice –
    • Common-law Relationships
    • Motion to Change or vary Support

Family Litigation

If you are facing a Divorce or Separation and you need representation that can also litigate when it is required or negotiate a settlement when possible, Kaur Law Professional Corporation has the ability to help you in every situation. Some matters require court intervention so that pressing issues can be dealt with. Our firm offers legal representation on corollary relief such as custody, access, property division, equalization, spousal support and restraining orders.
If you retain us for your family matter, our firm will ensure that you are well prepared and understand the court proceedings involved with your individual case.
Our firm strongly advocates for negotiation/settlement, but recognizes that not all matters can be dealt with by an agreement from both parties. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of family law and have ample experience conducting trials. We are strong, resilient advocates who will relentlessly fight for your legal rights.
We offer a wide variety of retainer options which will be customized to meet the needs of your individual case.

Mediation, Collaborative Law & Collaborative Practice

The court proceedings are lengthy and costly. Parties may avoid this by opting for mediation or Collaborative process where both the parties work together to resolve the ongoing legal issues out of court with the help of your own collaborative family lawyers. These are forms of interest-based negotiation. Both are voluntary and cannot be concluded unless the parties agree to a resolution and reduce it to a written agreement.
Unless there are issues of violence within the relationship which can make it unsafe to attempt negotiations, couples generally have the advantage if they can agree to settle their issues in this manner. We work together with you and other party to help you agree on your issues. This offers a safe space to help you resolve conflicts.
As a Mediator, our principal role is to facilitate communication between the parties in conflict with a view of helping them reach a voluntary resolution to their dispute that is timely, fair and in a cost-effective manner. As a mediator we remain neutral to both parties during the negotiation with an objective to find a satisfactory and fair solution for all parties. You have the option to stop the process and initiate court proceedings at any time during the process if this medium is not working for you to reach a solution.


We offer flat fees for Agreements/Contracts. If the agreement to be drafted is simple, and there are no complex negotiations done. Depending on the complexity going forward, our retainer will address the same.

Limited Retainer

We understand that some cases do not require complete legal representation. As such, we have a retainer option which caters to your individual and personal legal needs. A limited retainer will still allow you to be in complete control of your case, with assistance from a lawyer for specific matters. These matters can include but not be limited to: Attendance for Case Conference/ Settlement Conference/ Motions/ Trials, Assistance with completing documentation to be filed with the courts, etc.

Unbundled Services

We also offer unbundled services to cater to your specific needs. This includes services with regard to marriage contracts, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, etc. The retainer drafted for you will be individualized to meet your specific legal needs.
We also include retainers for coaching and ghost lawyer retainers. Sometimes, you may feel confident representing your own interests for your matter. In such cases, our services can be limited to offering you coaching services to assist you with the preparation for your matter.