Commercial Real Estate Transaction

We understand that commercial transactions often happen at a faster pace, so we strive to provide legal services at the speed of business. Our experienced team can guide you through the often-complex area of commercial real estate law. Real Estate Law is what we do best.



Due diligence, review of title and off-title information is the key role of the law firm in the sale and purchase of commercial property. Whether you are interested in buying property to redevelop it for business purposes or buying an existing business that owns property, we can guide you through every aspect of the process, including the offer, the contract, the title search and insurance, and the financing.


Mortgage refinance on a commercial property is different from dealing with residential property as along with the mortgage registration, a realestate lawyer has to look after lender’s requirements pertaining to registration of PPSA and moreover such transactions involve personal and Corporate Guarantee. To ensure that all your liabilities pertaining to the commercial property are well within your rights, let our experts team help you in performing all the due-diligence.


We also represent commercial property sellers in these transactions. In every case, we believe in planning ahead to avoid potential future conflict by clarifying each party’s rights and responsibilities. A number of other legal matters are part of the sale of commercial property. Accordingly, we will advise on the applicability of HST legislation to the sale, prepare a statement of adjustments, respond to the purchaser’s requisitions on the title, review any mortgages taken back or personal property security agreements and ensure that the client is protected in the case of such mortgages or loans, known as “perfecting the security interest.

Agreement Review:

Buying the right commercial property for your business operations can be one of the most challenging and pivotal transactions you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur. That’s why negotiating an effective purchase agreement that takes into account all of your interests–those of your employees, your company’s growth, and your bottom line–is not only important, but crucial.

Navigating the complexities of these documents takes time, and unless you obtain the right legal representation you’ll not only lose out on a potentially fantastic investment, you will have wasted time and money. Hiring a commercial real estate lawyer helps simplify the buying and selling of property. Let our expert team help you to negotiate and finalize your commercial Agreement.

Vacant Land:

Purchasing and selling vacant lands can be complex to navigate. Though not apparent, the extent of due diligence needed in these transactions can be much more than purchase and sale of other commercial properties, primarily due to the land being vacant. Many people may feel since there is no structure and utilities, services on the land, due diligence can be done away with, which is not true.


The Lawyer will help you understand whether the specific vacant land under consideration for purchase meets the desired expectations for the intended use. There can be several factors which affect the vacant land such as future and current municipal plans, surrounding areas around the vacant land and zoning regulations regarding the vacant land.


Whereas Purchasing a Vacant land requires extensive due diligence, selling a Vacant land means tendering to the Purchaser’s solicitor’s requisitions in order to fulfill the requirements. While representing you in selling your vacant land, it is of a paramount importance that your lawyer is knowledgeable and experienced in Vacant Land transactions as there might be requirements of providing additional zoning and compliance certificate along with title corrections.

At Kaur Law Professional Corporation, we offer quick and practical resolutions to all of your transaction’s requirements in order for completing your transaction successfully and smoothie

Private Mortgage/VTB Mortgage:

Since Vacant Lands are not a subject to conventional mortgages, the only financing that can be obtained is a private mortgage. Whether you are lending or borrowing, we have knowledge and resources for fulfilling your every realestate needs.